Property Legal Adviser

We are a trusted Real Estate Agent in Pune, having a team of Property Legal Advisers for assisting in your legal matters in the realty sector. Our team of advisers comprises of highly qualified and experienced lawyers and legal consultants who understand the intricate legal details of such issues.

They understand your property-related matters like disputed properties and hassles of registration etc. and provide guidance for the suitable way out of it. Their assistance can be availed for property documentation, property law services and property litigation matters amongst others. The main area of our operations is Pune.


Property Valuation Services

While evaluating the value of a property, it is not only the price of the land per yard that is taken into account. The locality, structural features and several other factors are also counted. Since as a layman, it is not possible for you to know the exact value of your property, we offer our Property Valuation Services so that you can sell your

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